Why Marketing Portals Matter ?

BY Karolina / Jul 26, 2018
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Ok property developers we get it. You want to give your products allure and an air of exclusivity. Certainly no prospective buyer wants to see a list of the same CGIs when browsing Zoopla/Rightmove. Whilst exclusivity may sound appealing, please be aware this all too often translates into lower sales volume. By denying your marketing partners the oxygen of publicity via portal advertising, they are forced to use their little black book of contacts to promote - with ever decreasing results.
In 2018, the vast majority of marketing agencies are not holding back a tidal wave of High Net Worth individuals desperate to pick up new residential properties. Since the 2017 UK stamp duty changes and latest fiscal regulatory changes in China it's extremely rare for marketing companies to work with more than 2-3 HNW’s. 

So who’s buying? The majority of people who buy investment property are now “mom and pop” operations who own the home they live in and one other. Therefore, it's vital marketing companies are allowed to advertise products in order to find replacement buyers as their little black books dry up.

Since most property investors start their search by looking online, portal advertising must be an integral part of any property developer’s overall marketing strategy. Allow your marketing partners to take advantage of the enormous benefits portals can bring or you could be missing out on important leads and buyers. 
Serious prospective buyers are much more likely to see your development for the first time on a portal such as Zoopla/Rightmove rather than via any other marketing medium. Portals maximise your exposure to the widest audience possible and as your listing is available to view 24/7, anyone interested can make an enquiry at any time. 
Don’t be put off by the fact that your competitors could also be advertising on these websites. Using portals to your advantage can also set you apart from the competition. It’s how well your development is advertised in the first place that’s going to win you the leads. Attract more hits by ensuring that your listings always stand out from the crowd with the use of high quality visual content and relevant information about your company. 
Portal advertising is a powerful lead generator which targets buyers more effectively, resulting in better conversion rates. With over 90% of all property searches commencing online, portals are definitely the place where it’s at!