Embrace Technology to Revolutionise Your Business

BY Karolina / Jul 05, 2018
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Recent advancements in Cloud and mobile technology have opened up a multitude of opportunities to improve the way real estate is sold, communicate effectively with your clients and deliver sales in record time. SalesWizardCRM is specifically designed for the investment property industry and comes with an amazing set of tools to automate tasks, process deals and improve your productivity.
Adding leads from emails is effortless

Naturally, SalesWizardCRM can automatically insert leads directly from your marketing landing pages, but what about new leads that arrive by email?  Instead of laboriously copying and pasting, we can build tools to add new leads in seconds. The tools for Rightmove and Zoopla come as standard.

Following up leads becomes much more efficient

Real estate agents often miss out on new business opportunities by simply failing to follow up within time. Generating leads is an expensive business so letting them go unattended is simply not an option. SalesWizardCRM quickly identifies inactive leads so that no one slips through the net. We have made it incredibly simple to locate contacts that need to be called.

Activity tracking is super easy 

Ensuring your sales remain attended to and on track can be tricky and time consuming - especially when you are handling a large volume of sales. The activity tracker feature in SalesWizardCRM monitors your sales and automatically flags those deals which are falling behind. Using self defined time periods, each deal is colour coded: red, amber and green so you can easily identify which deals need guiding back on track.

Fewer administrative tasks

Most real estate professionals will agree that filling out application forms and preparing documents are a time-consuming necessary evil. So, why not let the system do it for you? SalesWizardCRM can automatically complete documents such as application forms and send them for e-signature and allow you to focus on what really matters – selling!

When it comes to the real estate industry, if you want to build a successful property business, it’s time to embrace new technology and get that competitive edge. 

If you are interested in learning more about SalesWizardCRM or have any questions about how our solution can revolutionise your business, please get in touch!