How to ensure CRM success in Real Estate?

BY Karolina / Jun 13, 2018
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There is no doubt that the real estate industry is one of the most demanding and dynamic out there. Great client relationships and efficient work processes are a must in order to stay competitive. With leads coming from multiple channels, real estate professionals need a robust CRM system to manage clients, streamline processes and close deals on time.
Realising the benefits of a CRM is not a guarantee of successful implementation, as some simply refuse to use it.   
Real estate professionals can be quite reluctant when it comes to using a CRM system. They worry that the new technology will undermine the value of personal interactions and disrupt their workflows.
Even though your team may not be on board to start with, there are ways to motivate them to use it. They need to realise that although CRM might not be what they want, it is definitely what they need.
Pick the right one

This is the first step to success and with a number of CRM solutions available, it’s not as easy as it seems. CRM needs to complement your business objectives and a ‘one fits all’ approach is not going to work here. It needs to be a real estate tailored CRM which allows automation of real estate marketing and sales processes.
Above all keep it simple, relevant and don’t buy into unnecessary features or integrations.
Involve your team in the purchase decision

Many companies make a big mistake by not involving their team when selecting a CRM solution. Your employees are more likely to use the system that they have personally helped to select and it will also help to bring them on board early on.
Help them understand the system

Providing adequate training is necessary. If your team doesn’t know how to use the system they will become frustrated and refuse to use it altogether. Make sure they understand the features and functionality. The CRM solution should increase their productivity and integrate seamlessly into current workflows.
Show what’s in it for them

Your team needs to realise what personal benefits the CRM offers them. They need to know it’s not just a management tool that they have been told to use. Make sure they understand that CRM does more than just track leads and monitor clients but it also provides marketing support and allows them to view their personal achievements.
Easy Access is Key

Consider a CRM solution that offers mobile access so it is easy to use on the go with an ability to update or retrieve information from anywhere. As real estate professionals spend a lot of time working away from the office, this will be seen as being of great benefit.
Praise early adopters

Recognise and applaud those who get on board early and share success stories of meeting or exceeding targets with the help of a CRM.
Real estate is a competitive environment so it might convince them that CRM is not just another technology fad and it can be used to their advantage.
CRM should empower your business and your team but even the best solution will fail if it’s not being used. If you want people to use any software or product they need to see the benefits of doing so. Your team needs to understand that CRM is not just another tool and a way to keep track of their work. They need to be shown its real value because if implemented correctly, CRM is still a game changer.