Speed up your sales cycle with eSignatures

BY Karolina / Jun 06, 2018
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In today’s global economy, business productivity rates are of growing importance to government bodies. The UK’s large service economy has been singled out for particularly harsh criticism. Outdated processes take far too much time and make organisations less efficient. With productivity on everyone’s mind and high demand for instant results, businesses need to prepare for changes if they want to stay competitive and keep their customers happy.
A common productivity killer in organisations is the gathering of signatures. According to AIIM’s study on eSignatures on average 3.1 days are added to most processes in order to collect physical signatures and 42% of businesses admitted that their processes were interrupted by the need to obtain the pen on paper signature. 

The old-school pen to paper contract execution is costing companies a significant amount of time and resources.
Preparing and sending the contract out, however time consuming, is the easy part. The most painful bit is the signature chasing and getting the deal closed. 

Electronic signatures changed the game and made the whole process much smoother for both client and salesperson.

The eSignature tool integrated into CRM systems takes efficiency to another level. The ability to request signatures within CRM systems saves the sales professional tons of time putting the deals together, which means a better customer experience. All the customer needs to do is electronically sign and the deal is done. Forget emailing, printing, scanning etc.
As soon as the deal is eSigned, it is securely stored in the CRM database and immediately visible to those involved in the sales process. It’s all done within one system with no need to switch applications.

More and more companies are realising the benefits of using electronic signatures to replace lengthy paper processes. They understand that getting rid of the need for physical signatures can dramatically speed things up. For example Virgin Holidays has cut signing time for customers from two weeks to just two days by utilising electronic signatures. 

eSigning is just one of many tools integrated in SaleswizardCRM designed to increase productivity, close deals faster and simplify the sales process. 

A few years ago signing electronically was new to a lot of people but now everyone knows what it is and it’s time to embrace it. There’s lots of time (and paper) to be saved!