Why the Elephant ?

BY Karolina / May 30, 2018
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Whilst we like to think SalesWizardCRM does the heavy lifting for your business there is another reason for our “Elephant” branding. In 1916, at the height of the Great War, the steel making city of Sheffield experienced tremendous difficulty making deliveries of scrap metal as the majority of the UK’s horses had been conscripted into the army. To solve this problem, local scrap metal dealer Thomas Ward hit upon the novel idea of leasing an elephant called Lizzie from a retired circus owner.
The elephant, with the strength of three horses, was often seen making deliveries to the city's steel factories and foundries and was taken into the hearts of the people of Sheffield for her vital contribution towards the war effort. Sheffield is a hilly city and the few remaining delivery horses would often struggle to pull their heavy loads uphill as their horseshoes would slip and slide on the cobbled streets. Upon noticing an animal in difficulty and already loaded down, Lizzie would lower her head to the back of the horse's cart and push to lighten the load.

Whilst we could never compare ourselves to such a remarkable creature, we like to hope that SalesWizardCRM offers similarly innovative ideas and becomes the silent powerhouse behind your business.

The grandfather of one of the founders of SalesWizardCRM worked for Thomas Ward and knew Lizzie well. RIP Jack Nettleship.

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Image source: Sheffield Local Studies