• Customer Relationship Management

    CRM software is universally acknowledged as one of the top ten essential software tools for business. If you're managing and selling to customers, a CRM program will undoubtedly benefit your Company - but which one should you choose?

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  • Your business is unique - your CRM should be too

    Most standard CRM software tries to encompass broad audiences - often leading to overly complex software.

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  • SalesWizardCRM is different.

    While our custom solutions are unashamedly aimed at increasing sales and closing business in record time, we obsessively de-clutter menus to give only the essential features required for your particular needs. Our refined approach helps your staff focus on the task at hand, thus increasing their productivity and sales success rates.

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  • Minimise "Lost leads"

    We know that generating leads is expensive and letting leads go cold is not an option. Leads that are stagnating in a large list aren't always easy to spot. A key feature of SalesWizardCRM quickly identifies your inactive leads so you can get them back on track.

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  • Clients - not "Accounts"

    If your business is aimed at selling to individuals, SalesWizardCRM is ideal for you. Most online CRMs assume your clients work within a larger organisation and force you to associate clients to Business Accounts. SalesWizardCRM works differently, we've removed the Accounts complication so you can handle individuals such as investors or property buyers with ease.

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  • Losing staff needn't mean losing leads

    Sales departments often have a high turnover of personnel. When staff leave there's always a risk of leads going unattended and reallocating leads can be labour intensive. SalesWizardCRM contains special tools to quickly reassign leads to teams or individuals. It can even grab small batches from a larger base, so you can drip-feed leads to your sales team.

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  • Time is money

    Having to close and reopen screens just to get to the next lead is frustrating and inefficient - so we solved the problem! We've made it incredibly simple to list the people you need to call then zoom up and down those contacts. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, SalesWizardCRM's performance is blisteringly fast with each contact loading virtually instantaneously.

    It's worth its weight in gold!

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  • SalesWizardCRM is so much more than a contact database.

    The team behind SalesWizardCRM have decades of experience managing and supporting Telesales Companies. After becoming increasingly frustrated by years of failing to find a CRM which satisfied our own needs for cost-effectiveness and a focus on staff user-ability, we went back to basics and built our own. Our concept is now up and running - tested, proven and delighting users in the field. Based on our own selling experience, SalesWizardCRM not only does everything you'd expect from a CRM, it also has loads of special features which we know will thrill and surprise you. Simple and intuitive to use, the majority of users require only minimal training - sometimes none!

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  • Proper support by real people

    SalesWizardCRM comes with the kind of product support we think you have a right to expect. We're quick to respond, offer the personal touch and genuinely care about your satisfaction with our product. If you find any aspect that's not quite right for you, we'll fix it. That's customization* and that's what we do - not a "one size fits all" approach.

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  • Don't settle for a half-baked solution

    Your business has its own particular needs. A custom CRM adapted to the way your Company works will make you more efficient and close more sales. Fudging around with inflexible generic software just wastes your time, energy and resources. Our customized* CRM will address your needs and pay dividends year on year.

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  • Property Developers

    Busy Property developers who use 3rd party agencies to market and sell their developments will love our interactive Property CRM solution.

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  • No more availability spreadsheets

    Our Property Developer solutions provide Marketing Agents with "Live" availability data and an easy way to reserve units and download Reservation Forms and Brochures.

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  • Auto-Interactive

    A killer feature of the Property CRM Solution is the unique way it can link and inform different organisations within the property sales chain. A Developer and Marketing Agency can run completely independent instances of SalesWizardCRM yet important messages can be passed between both companies - greatly improving the operational efficiency of both businesses.

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  • Interaction Examples

    1. Agents are automatically notified when contract paperwork has been issued or if a unit exchanges.
    2. Developers receive alerts when Client contact details are updated on an Agent's system or if a deal is removed.

    Simply put, SalesWizardCRM will dramatically reduce the time required to service your Agent inquiries and will greatly improve your staff productivity.

    Your Agents will love having instant access to the 'live' status of your projects.

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  • Activity Tracking

    If you handle large volumes of deals then you will appreciate it how difficult it can be to monitor and identify which transactions are going off the boil and require your attention.

    The activity tracker module for SalesWizardCRM can do this monitoring automatically for you. Using self defined time periods, each deal is colour coded red, amber, green allowing you to easily identify which deals need guiding back on track. Presented via a single simple to use Summary Screen, sales staff and managers can radically improve their closure times, leading to improved business efficiency, larger turnovers and happier directors.

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The Agents Portal

  • View latest development availability
  • Place reservations
  • Download essential files such as brochures & application forms
  • Register potential clients
  • See detailed Unit information

The Lawyers Portal

  • A self managing interactive list of clients/deals for lawyers to process
  • A milestone system of the key purchase steps
  • Provides automatic feedback to Developer

The Developers Module

  • Self managing property inventory
  • Accurate cash flow forecasts
  • Colour coded Activity Monitor
  • Development summary info
  • Dashboard of vital statistics
  • All the standard features of a CRM system

Monitor your marketing performance

SalesWizardCRM identifies and displays your most successful marketing techniques. Preconfigured pie charts give simple, instant breakdowns of the amount of new business by lead source - allowing marketing managers to allocate resources more efficiently.

Prevent leads going cold

No sales department should let valuable leads or clients go cold unwittingly. SalesWizardCRM contains tools to easily locate contacts who have not been called recently.

Powerful notification system

Virtually any event on SalesWizardCRM can trigger an email alert or a pop out message. Want to tell the whole sales team about a new deal? - BOOM here's a pop out. Worried about duplicate contacts? No problem - SalesWizardCRM notifies your data manager. SalesWizardCRM's one time "Set and forget" facility covers all your important announcements and system alerts - allowing you to concentrate on your job.

Mobile and Tablet friendly

SalesWizardCRM works on mobile devices without the need to install dedicated applications. System administrators can strictly control access via tablets and mobiles and even receive alerts when mobile site access is used. Your staff will love logging new deals the moment they leave their client meetings.

Highly Secure

Absolute security of your data is of paramount importance for us. SalesWizardCRM automatically encrypts all data transmitted over the internet to our servers. You then have the choice to encrypt your entire database or just selected elements. Even if hackers were able to gain access to your database, the contents would remain unreadable without your unique decryption keys. Access to the CRM can also be restricted by IP address to prevent SalesWizardCRM being used by anyone outside of the office.

Forced field completion

We're all human and can sometimes forget to fill out important data after a call. SalesWizardCRM can require your staff to record key information after an initial sales call. Let's say for example you're a property agent, inundated by leads for a development in York that rapidly sells out. Employing Forced completion of your Desired area field would allow you to extract all of your contacts who desired York in an instant. Thus, giving you a great head start to reserve places ahead of your competitors when the Developer launches phase 2.

Adding Email leads

If you regularly receive new leads via email and those emails come in a standard format we can custom-build tools to add new leads to your CRM in seconds. Check out the demo here . Become an instant hero with your admin department!

Integration with landing pages

SalesWizardCRM can be configured with your websites and marketing landing pages so that all new registrations are automatically added to the CRM. New leads can be notified to your sales staff via alert flags or email to optimise reaction time. Speedy responses to enquiries dramatically increase the likelihood of a sale.


The dashboard provides an instant overview of your organisation's performance. Key metrics such as cashflow, new deals/leads/cancellations etc., can be added to the system and then measured and compared with the previous month or week.

Easy export

We've made it super easy to find and extract data from the CRM. Important sales information can be downloaded to CSV or PDF with a single button. Exporting a list of clients who bought the same product takes just seconds.

Track Investment Payouts

SalesWizardCRM comes with a facility to add payment information to completed client deals. This is especially useful for investment type products, where clients receive payouts such as yields or recoupments on their initial investment. Presented in a bank statement format, it makes it easy to find dates of repayments, payment amounts or the overall position of your client's investment (P&L).

Tight integration with VOIP phone systems

If you use a voice-over IP telephone system, SalesWizardCRM can call your contacts with a single mouse click. It's amazing how much more efficient this makes your sales team.


All clients of SalesWizardCRM receive help and support in person from a dedicated account manager. We provide support via Whatsapp, Skype, Remote Access Software and on-site training.

SalesWizardCRM is extremely intuitive to use with the majority of users requiring little or no instruction. For a great head start, head over to our YouTube Channel and check out our comprehensive training videos.

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